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Lover of the word Wealth, a Cheerful GIVER and consistent thither who loves God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, wife to one and only God-given man Deon Griffith and mother of twin God daughters on a journey to learn more about finances, ready to share as the learning continues through resources and tools from a Great US company Primerica (not Prima meri ca) and much more.

My name is Tameeka and I am glad to be under 30 with a hopeful look at a wealthy future despite my poorer beginnings…I was given a life changing opportunity to change my mindset and wallet financially forever! I will share with you every step on the way in  my journey to financial freedom as a  God appointed World Changer. My 3 main goals are to be RICH in Christ, RICH in Education and Rich in money.

Picture shows purple dress (color of royalty as my father God is King, green purse (carrying the money/investments/assets/tools and resources for major economic change) red high heel pumps and red belt (covered by the precious blood of Jesus with every step and bold guts no matter how I feel, ready to SHARE Truth. The light shines from above as I climb down the stairs symbolizing my end dream goals to learn it-make it-then go back to share it with everyone.