No longer an employee pt. 1

This September will be two years since I was an employee at the HHSC. I prayed for an inside job, pretty neat uniform and great pay while in NY. God gave me the position as teller 7 at Chase. I prayed again and after short jobs and many interviews by bus, and a husband (Deon) to accompany me, God gave me the better benefits and more than theĀ  $1500 plus income I was seeking with the State. I left Chase to move to Austin when the managers changed and my transfer did not seem like it would work out. I left the State for reasons I would explain more in my memoir.

Two years later and a baby. Yes, I was actually pregnant when I left but we had no clue. God has blessed us and kept us and provided abundantly for us. Deon left Berg, started working with Brandt Construction and got a pay increase. We got another car, I drive Uber delivery sometimes. I have been blessed to be at home with our son Timothy. I am grateful that I am not an employee. The freedom and flexibility to be with my baby is so rewarding. I am grateful to learn from him and observe his every milestone and growth.

There are always two sides to every story as well as in life’s journey. The flip side of not being an employee is NO consistent income flow of my own. I lost my license as a life agent and have not done any other income driven activities. This does not change and definitely do not compare to the other side, the joyous freedom and mommy side. I am therefore, very GRATEFUL to unemployed at this time:-).