First blog post is ready for take off

Hello and thank you. I finally decided to do it. It– WRITE! to continue what I started as a teenager with many journals and alone time, now I am sharing with you. I will share my journey as I walk one step at a time, learning more about my financial well-being and how I can help add change to my family, friends and ultimately to nations! I know God wants me to be a World changer and money is a resource I can use to do so. I also know that I do not want to have to say the words, “no I am sorry but we cannot afford…” to anyone. I am a giver, I give cheerfully and I am a tither, I do so lovingly and in obedience. I am a wife and a Grendadian born woman (small Caribbean island) with MEGA-HUGE-GIGANTIC humanly impossible dreams. And yes I am a Believer and Lover and Follower of Jesus Christ, son of God, born by virgin Mary who lived, died and rose again for ME and for you should you choose to believe. My purpose is to share truth. Truth about what John Maxwell said, “…a dream is free…” but the journey is not. Share truth about what the Bible says about money and wealth and good stewardship. Share my experiences, thorns and soft sweet rose petals alike. Share that with God all things are really Po$Sible!


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