No longer an employee pt. 1

This September will be two years since I was an employee at the HHSC. I prayed for an inside job, pretty neat uniform and great pay while in NY. God gave me the position as teller 7 at Chase. I prayed again and after short jobs and many interviews by bus, and a husband (Deon) to accompany me, God gave me the better benefits and more than the  $1500 plus income I was seeking with the State. I left Chase to move to Austin when the managers changed and my transfer did not seem like it would work out. I left the State for reasons I would explain more in my memoir.

Two years later and a baby. Yes, I was actually pregnant when I left but we had no clue. God has blessed us and kept us and provided abundantly for us. Deon left Berg, started working with Brandt Construction and got a pay increase. We got another car, I drive Uber delivery sometimes. I have been blessed to be at home with our son Timothy. I am grateful that I am not an employee. The freedom and flexibility to be with my baby is so rewarding. I am grateful to learn from him and observe his every milestone and growth.

There are always two sides to every story as well as in life’s journey. The flip side of not being an employee is NO consistent income flow of my own. I lost my license as a life agent and have not done any other income driven activities. This does not change and definitely do not compare to the other side, the joyous freedom and mommy side. I am therefore, very GRATEFUL to unemployed at this time:-).

I Will Keep…

I Will Keep…

…on writing even if its to myself for now…sad tears roll down my cheeks as I reflect on my journey to wealth. Why sad tears? It is April 30th and  I have once again failed to reach my monthly goal. My approach and activity were more than what I did in March. This month I engaged more in reaching out to people in order to share and obtain contact information so that I can set appointments. I also met mini goal to use part of my ‘chicken list’.  March goal was to have an extra $300 cash. I met the goal by selling a mattress and box-spring set on Craigslist, hosting out -of -state guest who is now  new friend for South  X South West events. I also avoided by eating out and I received a surprising  increase in my wifely allowance (thank you Deon). The sad news is only about $100 was actually saved. The tears roll slowly and the song came to my mind so off course I pull it up on You Tube.

Keep the dream alive by Yolanda Adams…I recall the first time I heard that song I was being taught to sing it by an Anglican High School classmate and neighbor. Kenesha Cobin was a song bird. She somehow believed that sweet Tameeka with a child like voice could sing…slowly she pronounced each word and let the sweet melody roll off her lips. All the while, I smiled and nodded. Paying close attention to her anointed sound and mouth posture, I knew there was no way I could sing like her or even come close…then finally I blurted out “girl singing is not my God-given gift!” We laughed. My tears stop now as I allow that same song to minister to me again. I enjoy writing perhaps its a gift. I can write all day long and I will some day…until then I  WILL KEEP my dream alive and not give up. Yolanda Adams also sings Yet Still I Rise, never to give up, never to give in! Wow…this is just the beginning stages. I will set an even bigger goal for May and I will march forward then write about my accomplishment. God said 2016 is my GREAT YEAR, I need to change and focus. I will pray, work and not fret.

Wow it is 1:18am Saturday April 30th 2016 and I can clearly hear birds chirping  outside. It is like a comforting code from God to remind me He is right here in the Midst of it all (another Yolanda Adams tune). Confession–my tears were also frustration that I failed myself and my family and lack of trust that my husband will be able to provide for my BIG DREAMS while having to support his…but that is a story for a different blog 🙂 We learn and teach about having emergency fund yet he is still an inveterate little saver because my check is little type of guy so when a driver ran into his car two days ago and did not stop, he was quite upset. Why? No money to fix the dent on front passenger side left by the inconsiderate hit and run driver as well as their lack of respect and decency to at least stop to evaluate damage…I will close with Yolanda’s ‘This too shall pass’ and thank you JESUS it was the car and not Deon. Access to a lawyer from Primerica legal protection makes $ense ya’ll!


Wealth Questions

Frustrated with new Microsoft Windows 10, unable to attach file to my email, I sighed and logged out. I was taken to Microsoft MSN main page when this ad caught my attention. I clicked and read, nodding and frowning that the Black man was the one on the poverty line. I am learning so much great tools about budgeting through Primerica and about FNAs and FINs. It broke my heart but also reminded me of how important what we are learning is so real and worth sharing. 4 different men were asked the same questions. All replied honestly and I favorite response from all 4, consistent despite of their income level-the happy question. All men scored above 7 as their level of happiness. Wealth does bring happiness however, happiness begins with a choice which can improve as one’s Wealth Journey unfolds..please take the time to read.


First blog post is ready for take off

Hello and thank you. I finally decided to do it. It– WRITE! to continue what I started as a teenager with many journals and alone time, now I am sharing with you. I will share my journey as I walk one step at a time, learning more about my financial well-being and how I can help add change to my family, friends and ultimately to nations! I know God wants me to be a World changer and money is a resource I can use to do so. I also know that I do not want to have to say the words, “no I am sorry but we cannot afford…” to anyone. I am a giver, I give cheerfully and I am a tither, I do so lovingly and in obedience. I am a wife and a Grendadian born woman (small Caribbean island) with MEGA-HUGE-GIGANTIC humanly impossible dreams. And yes I am a Believer and Lover and Follower of Jesus Christ, son of God, born by virgin Mary who lived, died and rose again for ME and for you should you choose to believe. My purpose is to share truth. Truth about what John Maxwell said, “…a dream is free…” but the journey is not. Share truth about what the Bible says about money and wealth and good stewardship. Share my experiences, thorns and soft sweet rose petals alike. Share that with God all things are really Po$Sible!